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With a living collection of more than 4400 different types of plants, the Garden offers our visitors an incredible feast of botanical choice.
We have a large collection of Mediterranean climate zone plants within our Great Glasshouse, an orchard of Welsh apple varieties and a nationally important collection of rare Welsh native plants. Our evolution of flowering plants display in the Double Walled Garden must be one of the most botanically diverse acres in Wales whilst our Woods of the World is one of our most ambitious collection projects. Added to these are plants specifically chosen for our themed gardens such as the Japanese Garden, Broadwalk displays, Boulder Garden, Wild Garden, Wallace Garden, Apothecary's Garden and Slate Beds.
The collections are not only a sensory treat throughout the year for all our visitors but they fulfill a vital educational and conservational role.
Our collections are used to learn about botany, ecology, horticulture, sustainability, maths, culture and medicines. Researchers from academic and practical backgrounds also use the collections to observe and investigate conservation issues that benefit the ecology of Wales, the UK and countries around the world.
Further information about the Garden can be found on our website. If using Garden Explorer on a mobile device, access to 3G or 4G network is required in areas of the Garden where Wi-Fi is unavailable.
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Our collection has 8488 living plants belonging to 4485 different taxa in 207 plant families. The number of images is 3796.