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The National Botanic Garden of Wales was opened as a Millennium Project on the site of a former Regency Parkland. It covers an area of 560 acres and includes a National Nature Reserve which is also farmed organically; there is a core botanic garden of some 120 acres containing approximately 9,000 different plants. These plants are grown for the purposes of scientific research, display, education and conservation.

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Would you like to find a specific plant? With Garden Explorer you can see if we have it in our collection and where it is located. Write the plant name in the box and click on “search”. You can also get an overview of the plants in a specific collection by clicking on “area”. If you want to know which plants we have from a specific country, click on “country of origin”. Alternatively, browse through the names list, navigate the garden map or follow any of our trails.

Further information about the Garden can be found on our website.

If using Garden Explorer on a mobile device, access to 3G or 4G network is required in areas of the Garden where Wi-Fi is unavailable.

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